Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crocheted Infatuation by Pat Bacaltos

A few months ago, upon starting my personal blog,, I posted pictures of my crocheted pieces. I have a great affection for crochet. Every crocheted item I see, will eventually fall into my wish list. I rarely even think about how to wear them or where to use it for. I just buy whatever crocheted item my eyes would lay on until I get sick of it.

Forward to three months later and apparently, I still can't get over them. I kind of hate staring at it sometimes for I know I could have bought an awesome pair of heels or boots instead of having a growing number of crocheted everything.

Let's put it this way, I love them though, I do, but I feel guilty sometimes. :( 

I can't resist it! I'm obsessed!

Photos taken in July of this year.

  Lately, I bought three new additions to my collection. (I have quite learned my lesson now) haha
 Sorry for the slanted photo. 
Don't you love this color? This one is thrifted by the way, so I didn't really feel guilty when I bought it. :)

| Top bought at a vintage store in Korea |
It doesn't get any more see-through than this. I'm pretty scared, but I hope I can pull this off though. Need to lose weight ASAP.

I have another one but I can't find it.  I wore it two washdays ago. Wonder what happened to it.

Rodarte crocheted dress. My ultimate dream. <3 I bet yours too!

I think you can't blame me for loving crochet. Crochet in general can be worn with almost anything! You just have to mix the right pieces together to get that young and savvy look.

I hope you enjoyed reading! 


 To know more about the brands of the pieces above, click HERE

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous crochet collection. Got your message on IFB and followed you on Bloglovin and GFC, please come by and ck my blog out and follow too?


  2. Hey Pat! Thanks for showing me your blog :) Glad that you did this post though, my grandma gave me her old dress (which counts as vintage now, I guess!) which has a sort of cream crochet cardigan over it; anyway the dress turned out to be too short for me but I love the cardi too much to give it away, heheh. But heck I have no idea how to wear it! For some reason, it looks way too pretty to be paired up with jeans :S

    Btw my blog is if you're interested in [amateur] fashion illustrations :) Cheers!

    Jelly xx

  3. <3 i shared the same obession all spring fall. cant wait to OD on crochet more this FALL....cold weather = decandent crochet layers!!! xo, rachel

  4. @BresBaubles: Thank you so much dearie! Nice meeting you! I followed your blog already and I posted a comment in one of your posts. Great blog you have there! Keep it up! :)


  5. @jelly, so nice of you to come by and leave a comment. :) Happy you love vintage too. I would really love to see the dress! I agree, crochet cardis are great paired with jeans. I also paired my crochet tee with blue skinny jeans and it turned out great!

    I followed you already. :) I love your illustrations. Are you a fashion designer? My co-blogger Wilson would totally check your blog!

    Come back soon!


  6. @rachel, Hi! :) I envy you! I only get to dress up for spring in Vancouver and I come back home to the Philippines by the end of it. I never get to be there in any other time.

    Pile on those crocheted cardis, scarves and dresses! It would be nice if you'd post pictures!

    Come back soon!

  7. What lovely textures--I love the lightweight croched cardigans! Thanks for the post on IFB, i love your blog.


  8. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog,
    I follow you :D
    ...maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)