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Soul Lifestyle x Mimi Vergara-Tupas

I remember the first time I saw Soul's newest branch in Abreeza, my eyes literally popped out of my sockets. I for myself am an architectural enthusiast so I was just there, looking up and down at the whole store. I was also amazed at how fashion forward the pieces are. I wanted to grab all the things I saw. Even, the staff! They were much friendlier than you average salesladies. It was the most delicate place you could ever go to. The clothes and accessories were carefully placed in the smartest ways possible. Every nook and cranny was carefully set, thanks to the creative minds behind the store,  the owners,  Mimi Vergara-Tupas and Jun Tupas.

******* PatBax ***********

We interviewed Miss Mimi last September 14, Wednesday at Abreeza. Beforehand, we took photos of the shop. :)

     Wedges! Neutral Shades, Different cuts! All can be found here at Soul. 

The Cambridge-inspired bag that Wilson lusted for. He wanted to take it  home with him! haha! xxx

Now, this is the bag that I want!

Their colorful window display complements with the black and white interior.

Soul Lifestyle, 3rd floor, Abreeza 

My grandma look. Yes, sorry for my dull get up. I just grabbed whatever was on top of my cabinet.

Your fashionisto, Wilson Limon

All the mannequins looked chic and stylish.

Turquoise rings = <3

This is so elegant! Don't you think? I love the cut and the pleats. This would look great on me. Ha ha!

Behind the scenes look of the interview. Mimi Vergara-Tupas with Wilson Limon

It’s time we got to know the woman behind  Soul: what she wanted as a child, how she started her stores, and the stories behind every query we've been wanting to know.  Managing a couple of stores with her busy schedule, she lets us in on the secret recipe to her success.

Style Zodiac: Was Fashion Retailing your first ambition?   
Mimi Vergara-Tupas: It fell in place. It wasn't an ambition but the interest was there. When you are passionate on what you are doing it will lead you on the right track. 

 What was your dream when you were younger? 
To be a princess (laughs) A royalty. For business, there were goals but nothing leading to this. 

How and when did you start Soul?

I started with Pickled Pink. it was something that caters customers needs when it comes to fashion. It was multi-branded. Before, it had a laid back style. And that time people in Davao were really searching for new stores. We also had a shoe line that was named after my daughters and it was really successful. Our customers evolved as well as our store so we decided to put up SOUL.

How did you come up with the name of your brand?

It was a name coined by my husband (Jun). We tried to coin a word that is sophisticated.

What made you focus on retailing?

Actually, we have multiple businesses, we have a dog-salon. We really want all things to be fabulous. We give more attention here in SOUL.

What are your specifications when you select clothes you order?

I have an inspiration that includes the mood board, the story board, etc. And of course the season and sometimes it depends on what the occasion is.

 What have you achieved so far in the past 6 months?

The opening of SOUL Abreeza, we really planed this, from the interiors to the lighting and the sounds. We really want to provide the best shopping experience. We want to let people feel the clothes, give them the warmest shopping experience. Unlike other stores they are limited on the number of dress to be fit, but here in SOUL they can bring all the clothes they want to try on.

What makes soul unique from other brands?

We provide special retail experience which you can't experience in a department stores, in online selling. My husband and I had a great partnership so we really help each other for the improvements of our store. We also have a good staff that helps all the customers when they are shopping.

What advice can you give to all aspiring Davaoenos who want to venture into retailing?

Passion should really be there, where to find that I really don't know (laughs). It is something inside you. You need to have keen attention to details and you really need to plan your business carefully.

 Miss Mimi, Wilson and Pat
Photo from Miss Mimi

We have a photo in my cam but the dappled light made the picture very hazy. Sayang :(

We each got our own Soul privilege card courtesy of Miss Mimi. Thank you very much  :) We can't wait to raid your store soon!

You can check out there facebook page Here
 Photographed by: Patriscia Bacaltos
Location: Soul Lifestyle; 3rd floor, Abreeza 

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