Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I know I've been lost for a long while but this time I'll try to post as much as I could so I can update everyone (to those who care lol) on what's happening on my life. :) Last February, I started designing shirts for my self since I'm having a hard time looking for a shirt that would perfectly fit me and will suit my design preference, so why not make my own design and have it custom made. My first design was of course all about florals. My addiction to florals is beyond measure. We see men wearing floral shirts, bags, shorts, socks etc. The floral trend is something fresh to look at, something vibrant and stylish at the same time. 
Showing you the mood board that I made, got the inspiration from guys with tattoos on their chest. Men sporting florals but still looks manly is what I wanted to achieve with my designs. 
Before, when people hear the word "Floral" they would think of the kind of shirts worn at Hawaiian beach, a kind of loud floral prints that don't look stylish at all. I want mine to look subtle, something you can wear everyday without looking tacky. 
Here's my take on the floral trend, subtle touch of embroidered floral details. Not too loud, something you can wear on a casual day without looking boring.

Up next is my varsity shirt, stay tuned! 


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