Thursday, July 18, 2013


Dorothy Perkins top | Forever 21 belt |
Mango jeans


It's hell week once again for this school child and every one else's. I've a pile of paperwork waiting to be done asap so this post won't be long.

This is what I wore last Wednesday to school. Wearing jeans shouldn't be boring -- the neon green jeans practically saved the day. I paired it with this cute mullet polka dot top from Dorothy Perkins to keep things quirky. Actually, I'm elusive of wearing polka dots but when I saw this one, *light bulb moment* -- I knew I had to wear it with the neon green jeans.

This I must say, is one of my favorite Washday looks; it's a combination you've seen everywhere but the colors and interesting print made the look unpredictable. Do you agree?

Since it's hellweek, I've found myself eating and gobbling every snack I lay my eyes on. Stress eating should always be a no-no. I feel so bloated now. Look at my face! haha

Anyway, Metanoia is launching soon so please guys, watch out for the website on JULY 29, 2013 and the fashion show at The Peak on AUGUST 7, 2013. 

I will be seeing you all there! :) 

Meanwhile, let's all go to the Great 3-Day Sale of SM Lanang Premier. See you guys there! :)

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  1. I'm going to watch out for that site! :)
    Nice jeans by the way :)