Thursday, May 09, 2013

21 FOR 21

Forever 21 dress, necklace and sneakers 
Beanie c/o Rien

Remember when I won the Best Dressed Award during the Forever 21 x Vaseline Summer Fest? Well, it knocked me for a loop during the first 30 seconds and I was even more surprised with the prize, 5000 worth of gift cards for me. Yey! Feeling a wee bit excited, a few days after, I stormed to Forever 21 and lived there for a practically good 2 hours or so.  

I grabbed on 12 garments before deciding which ones to let go, ultimately settling for a mere 6 garments, worth every penny (or swipe). 

 Anyway, I'm going to make this short, aaah! I forgot to tell you, it's a few more hours until my (*sobs*) 21st birthday. I'm getting old! It's still not sinking in! Hmm. Maybe tomorrow, maybe after the first few weeks. I can't wait what my 21st year has to offer; so far I'm really loving it!

 Preview of a future project (which I'm really, really excited about) with my blogger friends. :) 

Yep, 21 is going to be great! :)


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