Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Talks and My Love-Hate Relationship with Sweaters

H&M sweater | Topshop shorts and wedge sneakers

Hi! A simple no-fuss outfit on a fun Monday afternoon. 

I wore this while giving a talk about fashion at the Spotlight Workshop. I was so nervous, I kept on chewing up my words. haha But I had fun since I was surrounded by open minded teens and my equally talented and anxious blogger friends Kwesh, Dawn, Rien and Farrah. haha 

One big problem I've noticed in my closet - it's crammed with sweaters! You see, it's summer and the last thing I need is a thick autumn jumper. And boy when I tell you I easily get dizzy when the weather gets too hot, I won't move just to save energy. haha

But I can't stop buying them. In retrospect, I also use them when I travel. I love how they can go from preppy, to girly, to mod streetstyle (my self-acclaimed style haha). One can never go wrong with a cute sweater. Agree? :)

Manong never left the background. Sigh. 

Watch out for the photos from the Spotlight Workshop. :)


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