Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Topshop mullet top | Cache Cache necklace  | Thrifted skirt
R&Em studded bag | Aldo heels

So this is what I wore two wash days ago sans the heels and the skirt for reasons quite obvious. That day was, as we may put it, a distressing day for many - especially for me. I'm not going to divulge what happened but it did me good and bad and damaging. Good - cause I woke up to reality; all other aspects, well, it actually encouraged the good feelings I have now. 

Now I know you have question marks all over your faces right now, you might not understand what I'm blabbering about here but the bottom line is the "Pat" you see now is different from the "Pat" you saw two weeks ago. Such a hasty change you may think, but bad experiences have the ability to either squash you and make you miserable, or make you stronger and more guarded as ever. I'd like to believe I'm pragmatic as ever. 

My mom gave me this bag and also the heels last year. She really knows my taste - studs, buckles, shoulder bags and colored ones. I love my mom! 

I look tired. Keber. 

 The moment I saw this blouse in Topshop last year, I immediately grabbed it. It was the last piece and I just thought of all the beautiful colors I'd be mixing with it. I especially love the fact that it's longer at the back. It felt like a cape on me, as a matter of fact fineel ko talaga ang moment everytime I walked in school. hahaha Who wouldn't? This top is amazing!

Have a good rest of your day everyone! :)

I'd like to share with you one of my favorites from Radiohead:



  1. Ang pretty mo talaga dear.
    Yes, your top is really nice.
    I like the print kasi floral
    and soo girly. hehe :))

    -xoxo, FRANCES
    --from DAVAO--

    1. thank you! hala ka uy, kaulaw. hehe You're so nice Frances :)

  2. Hi pat!! Love the outfit :)