Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spread The Swerv!

Swerv Clothing shirt | Forever 21 Hat | H&M Jeans
Steve Madden satchel | Michael Kors sneakers

Hello there! I wore this in school yesterday. I decided to tie a knot at the side of my shirt since it's a bit too long for me (the downside of being 5'1").  Okay, probably tied not that high (just for blogging purposes). haha! I love how thick the shirt's fabric is, I know this one will last a lifetime. Plus, it promotes positivity! Everybody should get one! I've been seeing quite a lot of their clothes in school recently. :)

Have you noticed it? I'm getting skinnier and skinnier by the minute. :( 
Isn't it funny how I beefed about weighing 107 pounds before and now I'm making such a fuss about looking too gaunt and bony. Some people even told me that I look very sick. Most of the questions I've been getting in my ( ) are about my weight and how I looked "prettier" when I had meat. Sigh. It's either I'm too fat or too skinny.

I get you now Nicole Richie, preach it sister.


My head is bigger than my body now. LITERALLY.