Monday, September 10, 2012


WAGW cut-out poncho | Cache Cache necklace | 
Penshoppe jeans | Debenhams socks | 
Tomliz neon bracelets | Parfois bag | Tommy Hilfiger shoes

Hi! :)

How has life been treating you lately? Any good? Boring? Just getting worse? I hope all of you choose optimism -- 'cause I have. :)

Dramatic Pat signing on, being such a recluse and all. Funny how everything was different the day these photos were taken. I guess change really does inspire change. One thing I've learned this week is, you can't have something that doesn't want to be, that doesn't want to stick around for you. You just have to let them be. That's the only way you'll have realizations. So to the person/s who have caused me so much pain for the past few days,weeks, months, years, thank you. You have instilled in me the value of acceptance. Dramatic Pat signing off. haha

Anyway, here's what I wore to school two Wednesdays ago. I'm so sorry. I really intended to post this when I get my most vacant time -- which is now.

I almost didn't get in because of the cut-outs. Seriously what's up with Ateneo's strict guards lately? Anyhow, I eventually got in, but with high ramifications. You couldn't blame a girl for wanting to be fashionable  It should never be an issue (okay, sort of). haha So for that day, I wanted to look casual but not tedious. I scored this top and the accessories two days prior, and built my look around them. Eye-popping colors, accessories and surprising cuts are what you need to save your day. My clothes here a little too ordinary if you ask me, the top+jeans+shoes combo, but with a little help from neon, gold and cut-outs = everything's fun and effortless in this picture! Well, for me it is. :)

I curled my hair. So proud of myself. :> But it took me an hour just to hold everything together. Talk about EFFORT.  My hair hates me, I know.

I chose to wear the skinniest jeans I have, to create balance with this breezy top. Add a long necklace to maximize your look further.

Smile and the world will smile with you. :)

Thank you Vic for yet again, taking my pictures, I love you!

Have a nice week all of you :)




  1. Hihi. It's so functional =)) thanks far!

  2. I'm starting to lose faith with my hair and I hate it when people walk onto our lives and mess everything up. Oi, may pinagdadaanan.