Monday, June 18, 2012


Yves Saint Claire top
WAGW floral shorts
Zara bag
Primadonna cut-out oxfords

I always find a person extremely conceited whenever I hear them say that they don't repeat clothes. Clothes are there to last for the many special events in your life - and in my case, I repeated this pastel colored top. I actually wore this during my section's Christmas party and just a few days ago during Father's day. It's always refreshing to see new clothes, yes that I don't protest; everyone loves new things but it's also extremely clever to see how someone gives twists to recapitulated clothes or items. 

I wore this floral shorts to add character with the seemingly boring flowy top. I preferred not to wear accessories  since I really wanted all the attention to the cute shorts with the cute belt. ( di hangkyut? haha I look like a kid) and to go all the way with the casual concept, I wore oxfords. 

What do you think?