Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Schoolchild Daybook: No Stress, Have Fun!

White Top: Brittany Black
Denim Blazer: cousin's (she left this in my closet hihi)
Skirt: bazaar
Shoes: bought in Spain

Oh hi I'm a monkey!

I've been really sick these past few days. hurhur. :( I hope I get better soon. How was your day? =)

 Ruffles + leopard print? How would you ever mix these two? Simple. Ease on the color, that way, it won't get too busy. If you want to mix edgy and classy, makes sure the "edgy" doesn't compete with the "classy". Make the pieces short and straight to the point. What do you think? This is actually a maxi skirt. Ha! Fooled Ya! Did a few tricks to make it "shorter". Oh and I wanted to add fun in there so I wore my ankle suede boots. My current fave. <3 But the most important fashion advice I'd have to give you here(charot!) is, choose 2 major colors for this kind of look (Mine's blue and white); for you to save time when you need to hurry up. ( Like I do almost everyday) haha . You really don't have to stress too much on normal days. =)

Wore this to school. Got a couple of stares from people mainly because they're not used to seeing girls wearing boots in school, ESPECIALLY with our tropical weather. :p (Hey, mine's not that high) Wowza.  But you see, I don't take dressing up too seriously. I let go, have fun with my clothes and see which ensemble I am most comfortable with. Try it  some time. You'll feel "you" =)




  1. Love your outfit and you mix them prints and color pretty well. Haha! I get you. People do give you that stare when you wear boots.

  2. Aww, thanks Chyrel, it's just a matter of self-confidence to beat their stares haha!

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