Friday, April 27, 2012

8/10: Going Minty in Madrid

Leather jacket: Ventiuno
Mint Green Polo: Uniqlo
Leggings: The Ramp
Suede Grey Boots: bought in Madrid

You'd guess that I got overdosed wearing this jacket but - NOPE, it kept me warm the whole time. =)
They have the prettiest buildings
 Our trip wouldn't be complete without eating Paella - especially in one of the famous restaurants in Plaza Mayor.
 Even their Mcdonald's restos are pretty.
 I want to live here! So beautiful!
 They really love to entertain people. =)
 We found this along Plaza del Sol.
 I love my new boots <3

As you can see, I posted too late. Sorry guys, I have been really busy with school lately :| - which I unusually hate 'cause I have been getting the hang of studying last sem. I just hate my subjects right now. Grr.

Moving on, this was our 2nd day in Madrid. Too bad it rained the whole time we stayed there but we still had a blast here though. It's a shopping mecca! Please, if you have plans on visiting Europe, shop in Spain. I highly encourage you. They have much cheaper prices than in France but the items don't disappoint - it's a fashion haven after all. =)

Watch out for 9/10: Hola Barcelona!

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  1. I wanna go there someday! Nice pictures! :D

    1. you should! it'll be worth it. thank you cielo =)

  2. patsy, i wonder if you were in europe around the same time as camille co! :))

    1. yes! when I was in paris, she was still in barcelona. by the time I was in barcelona, she was in paris na. =)) haha