Thursday, April 12, 2012

2/10: Day 1 in Brussels

Faux Leather Jacket: Miss Sixty //
Orange dress: Mags //
Belt: Y.R.Y.S //
Scarf: Bershka //
Boots: Cinderella //
Bag: Parfois

Day 1 in Brussels. Oh yes, the jacket again. This was the day I bought a legit leather jacket since the one I was wearing was extremely thin for the kind of weather the city has. Good thing I wore a nice long sleeved dress from Mags.

 Thinking of chocolates again while typing this. I just want to point out that Brussels have the yummiest waffles. EVER. I think I can survive a month with waffles. Inner pig is coming out of me! haha

 Their shopping center. Just wow.

So there's the brown jacket I bought at Ventiuno Belgium. I felt much more at ease. =)

3/10 Next: Day 2 in Brussels

Watch out for it!



  1. Aww. I die!! Love the photos and the pop of red from your dress.

    1. Thank you Chyrel! =) it's orange though, thank you for dropping by!

  2. Hi, I'm a new blog visitor which happened to blog hop till I stumbled upon your blog. Brussels looked really nice! Looks like one happy vacation :). Cute outfit! Love your jacket and boots. The scarf made a nice printed addition too!

    Melai of Style and Soul

    1. It really was! =) thank you for dropping by Melai! will visit your blog now =)