Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Travel Vintage

Since I might not have a chance of posting anything for the next 6 days, (I will be in Manila for an Entrepreneurship conference) I came up with this idea of posting photos from my trips abroad or anywhere around the Philippines. I hate to recycle photos but I wouldn't want to leave our blog without something for our readers. I might get jumpy for the next 6 days if I won't. haha

I guess you can call it a travel photo diary :) with some random facts. Most of you may not have seen this and you may have not noticed it yet but yes, I love travelling. I might travel again soon. Soon. Oh how I wish!

 Standing outside the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul with my bottled water. haha! I'll tell you something really nice about Seoul, getting to places was easy as ABC. They had the easiest directions, train lines and the FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE.

 Ayutthaya, Thailand. We went here summer time and it was so hot but the place was just divine. Just look at this! :)

 Trying it on for size. Universal Studios, Singapore.

 Brunei. Yes I went there 2 years ago. The palace is so beautiful. So clean. And not so many people

 Looks like a modern day restaurant in our probinsya but nope, this is me eating fish in a floating resto in Cambodia. I think, the best fish I have ever eaten so far.

Don't judge my outfit please. HAHA! I had no more clothes during that time haha.  Me and my brother Anton in front of Vietnam's famous Cathedral. The problem is, I forgot the name.

 My favorite picture of me and my papa. Still in Thailand.
This was insane! That place was way too cold for me. Look at the man on my left! haha. He had way more fun than I did! I was so scared because I had the whole view of KL from where we were sitting. at Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 Pastelaria Koi Kei, Macau. THE best egg tarts in Macau.

 Boracay! Stayed here for my 18th birthday. :)
 For our Family Reunion we went to Dahican Beach in Mati. Such A beauty. <3

Just a few steps from where we live. Cherry Blossoms! <3 Vancouver.
Queen Elizabeth Park.

My father has travelled to even more countries than I had. And I'm so glad he takes me with him to some of his destinations. My brothers and my mother travelled a lot too to places only they have been among us.

We got to experience a whole new level of understanding people because of all the travelling that we did. We travel not because we want to go shopping or post our pictures on facebook, these are just bonuses; we travel because we want to experience the different cultures, how it is to be in their shoes. So if my father reads this, Thank you Papa for letting us see the world. It is a truly humbling experience. :)


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