Friday, February 17, 2012

I Like Rain, Actually.

It rained while I was smiling for this shot. It doesn't look obvious in the photos though, thanks to the most talented Hannah Magsayo. I almost forgot that it rained that day upon receiving the final post processed pictures from her. Great photos Hannah! I hope we'll have more time to do serious shoots next time. :)

Since it was raining, I mustered up the courage to wear stockings plus socks. We don't get to have this kind of weather everyday so I went for it! I received a myriad of positive remarks from my friends so I think I did a great job in carrying this look. :)

|Shoes: bought in Korea|

My very abused shoes. Almost every time it rains, I use this. 

 | Bag: Charles and Keith |
I changed the original strap since it was too short for me. I replaced it with the strap of an old messenger bag. :)
| Violet and Black Catena bracelets: ExtremeFinds Davao |

I like rain. Wait. Drizzle's the right word to describe it. I like it when it drizzles. Every time rain pours, here in sunny Davao City, I immediately get transported back to my 2nd home, Vancouver.

My mom and three brothers live there now and my dad and I won't get to see them until the end of the year.

 Rain reminds me so much of Vancouver. Rain everyday. I kinda miss that. And when the sun appears, everyone goes to the park, have picnics and have barbecue. I miss that. I miss spring in Vancouver. It's the only place where I get to travel by bus and train all by my lonesome (I always pretend I'm in a Coldplay music video when I commute alone with music in tow. haha) and I enjoyed the long walks because I had my nifty black and pink umbrella with me (probably the most noticeable umbrella in downtown Van) hahahahaha Yey me.

Here are some photos of me and fellow Davaoena friends, Bea and Ccia while we were out and about in Vancouver almost a year ago:

Van Photos by: Bea Valles

Sorry for the long post, I just missed this place and the rain makes it so hard for me not to think about Van! :(

Can you think of other things that remind you of rain? Memories or people perchance?
Comment below! :)

Outfit photos by: Hannah Magsayo
Check out her awesome photos in her blog: Somedaywonderland