Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I went to the gym a couple of years ago. People told me not to. I didn't listen. I was so fat at that time you wouldn't believe it. As I said, I went to the gym before for a world record of brace yourselves -  3 days.

I couldn't stand attending the gym program alone at night. I went home alone, tired and hungry making myself eat more. I figured, gym will never be for me. Adios my friend, see you when I get all squishy again.

I remember putting on oversized colorful clothes whenever I went there not because I wanted to get noticed but because and unfortunately, all my other white shirts were and are only to be worn inside the house. I felt naked wearing them.
 TOMS! My favorite slip-ons.

This bag has got to be a decade old.
 For the char. haha

I wore a very old gym shirt which I wore since high school days. It's so small on me now! I added the gold cardigan and the necklace to take out the casual vibe the shirt gave off alone. Plus my almost forgotten sling bag, my slip-ons and the animal printed headband. 

I know. Different trends in one look. That's why, this is a fashion no-no for me.


1. The pink shirt doesn't get past my butt. Always, alwaays wear shirts that fall past your toochies whenever you wear leggings or worse, tights. You don't want to expose your camel toes now do we? Haha. (I don't even want to visualize this) hahaha

2. The aztec printed bag, the gold cardigan, the animal printed head band. Too many trends in one outfit. I always make it a point that two is my maximum number. Ex.: Brown belt, brown shoes.
No-no: Brown belt, brown shoes,brown bag, brown shirt

3. The outfit itself is messy when put together. I don't know why though but it looks too contrived. What do you think?

Everything in moderation!

Cardigan: Classic House
Slip-ons: Toms

Don't get me wrong, I love the pieces separately, just not together. 

So in the following days, I'll be posting the right ensembles to makeunder/makeover this look!
Watch out for it :)


  1. I like the mix of the gold and pink! And if you didnt point out na nakaleggings ka pala, wouldn't have noticed gyud! haha. Mukhang nice gud yung overall! Very Camille Co-ish yung outfit with the cardigan! :)

  2. I agree Far. the pink shirt with the gold cardigan looks nice but paired with the bag and headband, doesn't look buo ba. parang contrived lang. hihi. without the headband and the bag, plus nice jeans would look splendid. will do a post in the next few days thanks Far :)

  3. your look is awesome! and i think because the headband is so random! and fun! lots of exclamation marks i know lol. you look great tho. i even thought you were trying to do a walkingrecessionista-ish outfit post but then yeah i guess i sorta agree. i would def want alot less trends going on in my overall look. i just have to say i love how you can incorporate really quirky pieces and make them work really well. :)

  4. cute outfit! :)
    I love the sequined cardigan. Cute accessories, too! :)


  5. at Stephiny! Hi, thank you for dropping by :) I put on different trends but in a subtle way, that's why the look doesn't feel organized for me. hihi. I agree. I also would want to wear two trends at most in one look. but thank you, thank you for saying I look great aww.:) Cheyser's a friend of ours. I love her!

  6. @Claudine:

    thank you for dropping by Claudine :) Your comment is very much appreciated :>

  7. Toms is also my favorite slip-ons, so comfortable. i love your blog :D


  8. @Escapists:

    Plus so many colors and designs to choose from! awwww. Thank youuuu :) We feel blessed for having readers like you :)

  9. Pat! I thought they were skinny jeans gud :)) Hahaha. Me and my labo eyes. And I love how it's not matchy but still cute! I think this is a Go Go! <3

  10. Talaga? but my fat legs are a giveaway na man gud. haha. aww thank you Marion. :) You have all convinced me to rethink about this look. hmmmm