Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Weekend (For Me) :)

Spent my weekend in Manila with good friends and my dad. Mediocre outfit posts sadly. Sorry! There were so many people when I went out and I had so little time to think about my clothes. :s
Instead of outftit posts and all things fashyown, I want to share photos during my 3 day stay. :)

 On my way to the airport. Look what we found :)

Davao Lightsss. 
 Chelsea, my krazy bestfriend. ha ha!

 Mine. :)
Che's. All from Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt. <3

My bestfriend's so pretty! 

You see no accessories, an ill-fitting top (but I love lace too much<3) and an out of place color, yellow. Again, I had no time to think about how my clothes would look together. I'd like to think I'm in a very casual phase again. I have to stop this. But I'm a very lazy packer-heck I am lazy. I dress up when I have the energy and the inspiration to do so.

And yet, I still love the pieces separately though. :)
I especially love my flats from Janilyn. :)

Lace see through blouse: thrifted from Korea
Shorts: bought in Malaysia
Flats: Janilyn
Bag: Ardene

Haven't had these for the longest time. This is just pure heaven. <3

 I just salivated again. Bizu! Chelsea and I tried the butterscotch one. :) It tasted so good! 

Milen, Chelsea, I and Inna at Tender Bob's

Sometimes it's a good thing when you don't get to see your friends too often. You actually get to really miss them! I missed these girls and we had so many chikkas! I got bitin but I'll come back again this month. <3 Hope to see you girls! Gather your chikkas again!

In another news: Watch out for our VERY FIRST BLOG GIVEAWAY this  love month. :)


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