Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hat: bought in Bangkok || Top: Polo Ralph Lauren

 | Leggings: Topshop |

| Oxfords: Prima Donna |
| Black and gold bracelet: ExtremeFinds Davao. |

What a week it has been! Forgive me for not posting for days, I have been really busy with school- AGAIN. I think all my hard work paid off (I got a 95 for my Literature and 91 in our final exam for our Rizal). :)

Last week we had our Class Retreat and I must say it was a buhhlast! So much food, so much stories and so much laughter, oh did I say there was so much food?? haha! Lafaaang! I'm still in a food trance from all that binging! 

So, this is what I wore today, nothing special at all. I didn't even wore the hat to school since the sun didn't greet us today. I just wanted something really, really comfortable. This oversized polo shirt is absolutely my favorite lazy tee. I wore this thrice in two months. As you can see I have no decent shots of the outfit itself, all the other pictures are blurry. Thank you to my sweet photographer. <3

I just learned my Philo grade. I'm back to being a jolly ol' student again. I cannot risk anything for this sem :(

Let's all study again! :)

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  1. Pat I love your hair *u* And I love this outfit. The shirt looks superrrr comfortable.

  2. awww. thanks Marion. It really is comfy. Di klaro diyan but the polo's very silky. <3
    Really? My hair's superrrr dry now. Give me tips on how to preserve it! :(

  3. I would love to shoot you someday. heheheh #chos

  4. hannah! shoot tayo tomorrow right? :)