Wednesday, September 07, 2011

School Blues + Mall Finds

This is just a taste of what's to come for our newest blog, STYLE ZODIAC. 

 Each of us have different personalities, different tastes and different style; so we here at  Style Zodiac, have come up with the idea of featuring Davaoenos in their own, unique styles; so for our first post, take a peek at the some of the girls of  Davao; known for their assortment of fashion, may it be OTT or their cool casualness in dressing. Washdays sometimes may be a burden for some of y'all but take it from these girls who exemplify individual fashionableness; just pure, perfect effortless looks.

Isabella M.
Minni Mouse Shirt: from her sweetheart; 
Pants: SOUL
Shoes: Converse
Accessories: from Jakarta

  Myla D.
Dress and shorts: J.S dept store
Bag: from Greenhills


Maranatha L.
Blouse: from dept. store
Belt: from my dad's closet
Pants: Refuge
Shoes: from dept. store

Monariza M.
Blouse: MTS Bazaar
Tank top: Terranova
Belt: DavCon Bazaar
Shorts: Gmall dept. store
Shoes: M. Nicole

Cha V.
Floral Blouse: Cache Cache
Bag: Mendrez
Shoes: Prima Donna
Accessories: Chill Chill

So there you go, five young women in their own styles. FUN, CASUAL and ROMANTIC. Maybe next time we could feature boys perhaps? Hmm. Definitely!



  1. hi! congrats on this blog. I saw it on Ms. Mimi Tupas's facebook page. It really looks promising! So glad that there are more and more fellow fashionistos/fashionistas in Davao!

    btw, saw Wilson's blog and I love the posts on recycled dresses, also that amazing photog from London :-)

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  3. thank you so much Farrah! We really appreciate it! It's really satisfying when we feature Davao or Davaoenos :)

    Actually, I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks. :) Even before starting this! Love your blog!

    -pat- :)