Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fashionista Spotlight: Cheyser Pedregosa

  It's nearly impossible not to know or hear her name especially if you're from Davao. Cheyser, the girl behind The Walking Recessionista and also a very known lookbook figure who now has about 9,000 fans is still a grounded probinsyana. Who would ever think that in a span of one year she would be featured in recognized magazines such as Mega and Nylon Korea. How swell is that huh? 

She went home for her break and we got the chance to interview her despite of her busy schedule. Thank you Cheys!
Effortless as always, Cheyser!
She's so pretty right? It doesn't hurt the fact that she's also approachable and friendly! It was like talking to a dear friend the whole time! She also took photos of us, which was super fun!


And now, the INTERVIEW:

Style Zodiac: Describe your personal style?

Cheyser:  I just want everything to look carefree. I don't wanna look like I was put up. Ayoko yung pinag-isipan talaga from the color to the print. 

How do you put an outfit together?

Mix and Match. For lookbook, I choose clothes in the morning or the night before, pero it's usually in the morning. Sometimes, what I do is I take photos then I just browse through it and that's the time I get ideas on what to wear. 

The most versatile item in your closet is ____

My polos because you can pair it with shorts or wear it as a dress.

What do you love about fashion?

I can play around Fashion, it shows how creative a person could be.

Who is your style icon?

Rumi Neely but before it was Andy Torres of lookbook. Rumi Neely's style is really effortless and anything she wears, kahit it's very simple, it really looks amazing on her.

What one item could you not lave home without?

Rings! I cannot go out without rings. I make sure I wear other accessories too.

One word that best describes your style.

What is your Fashion fantasy?
Maybe to work for Nylon, I wanna be a contributor. That would be my ultimate dream.

Your Fashion do’s and don’ts

I don't believe in rules in fashion, like you can mix and match patterns as long as it is balanced.

Photos from our mini photoshoot. :) I hope next time we'd get to feature her again. The music was too loud so we didn't really hear everything; just the keywords that we needed. Notes were a good thing also. We're so sorry for that. But! all in all, it was such a nice experience to get to know her.

Thank you for your time Cheys, indeed you are one true fashionista!

   You can visit her blog HERE. :)


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